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Brand(s): Cenforce

Manufacturer: Centurion Laboratories

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Where to buy Cenforce?

It is now easier to buy Cenforce 100 online nowadays. You no longer have to wait in a pharmacy after a day of work to get your medicine. It is now possible to be delivered directly to your home. However, you have to be very careful. Most online pharmacies are illegal (more than 95% according to the studies). The purpose of this article is to show you how to buy Cenforce safely and quickly.

Three step to buy Cenforce:

The classic pharmacies near you. They are free to set their prices and usually sell little Cenforce. They set their prices freely according to the competition and these vary very strongly from one pharmacy to another.
Online pharmacies that offer you a consultation with a doctor sexologist, as MyFildena.com, first actor in USA.
Fraudulent sites that offer you counterfeits whose effects are not known.

One thing must alert you when you are trying to buy Cenforce online. If the website does not ask you for an order, this website is illegal. In USA, it is mandatory to have a valid prescription to be able to go out of Cenforce in a pharmacy. The rules do not change in an online pharmacy. You put yourself in danger by taking fraudulent products without the advice of a doctor.

However it is possible to consult online with a doctor specializing in sexology on MyFildena.com to obtain a prescription. Then order your erection medications on the same platform. This is the best practice to have to ensure the quality of the follow-up of the patient and to receive his medicines at home delivered from a US pharmacy partner.

It is illegal to buy and sell Cenforce without a doctor’s prescription. Before you can take Cenforce, the doctor needs to know your medical history, evaluate your erectile dysfunction to know the molecule and the dosage that best suits your situation. Your health is precious. Do not play with the excuse of winning a few minutes.

There are 400 sexologists in USA who are qualified to evaluate your needs. If Cenforce is not the most suitable treatment for you, they can offer alternatives such as Spedra, Cialis or Levitra.

95% of Cenforce sold on the internet is fake

The online Cenforce market is booming. Yet 95% of Cenforce sold on the internet is fake. Customs is doing a colossal job to stop this traffic. Several websites, with strong messages like “buy Cenforce without a prescription in a few minutes” or “Cenforce pas cher” are fraudulent. Most of its sites are based outside USA to protect themselves from the national order of US pharmacists.

There is a safe and reliable way to buy Cenforce on the internet in USA. It’s ordering in physical pharmacies that have the right to practice in USA and deliver at home. MyFildena.com relies on a network of US pharmacies that can offer you attractive rates.

Counterfeits with unknown effects

Cenforce before being introduced on the market has been tested and obtained the necessary authorizations for its sale on the US market. Its composition is known precisely, with its active substance (sildenafil) and its excipients. We therefore know its side effects, the risks of allergies, people whose intake is not indicated for their pathologies …

On the other hand, the composition of the counterfeits that you find on the Internet is not known. We do not know if they have the slightest effect on erectile dysfunction. This is not the most serious. We do not know what risks they may pose. You may develop side effects or allergies that you would have avoided taking Cenforce from a US pharmacy.

Order cheap Cenforce online with MyFildena

MyFildena offers to consult a sexologist with three possibilities (by mail, phone or video). If the doctor sexologist believes that you need treatment, MyFildena offers to have it delivered to your home from its network of US pharmacies partners. Pharmacies offer prices lower than the market average. So you are sure to buy Cenforce on the Internet quickly, reliably and at the right price.

Specifically, once the consultation with the doctor, you will find your prescription in your patient area. Just enter your delivery address (office, home, relay point ..). You will receive in less than 48 hours a package at your home containing your medication. In short, you can in less than 48 hours: consult a sexologist and receive your treatment at home.

MyFildena is the only online pharmacy to buy Cenforce in USA. MyFildena’ service allows you to consult a sexologist and have Cenforce delivered if the doctor deems it necessary within 48 hours.

It is important not to take the risk of buying Cenforce without a prescription. By consulting a sexologist, you make sure to solve your erectile dysfunction and get real drugs by avoiding counterfeits.

MyFildena works with a network of physical pharmacies registered with the National Order of Pharmacies in USA.

How it works ?

MyFildena.com is not a pharmacy. Its operation is very different. MyFildena relies on the internet to be the intermediary of a network of US physical pharmacies.

The operation of the platform is very simple. You will have the opportunity to consult for only 35 euros a US sex doctor according to three different media. You will be able to call him by phone, by videoconference or exchange by written messages. He will be able to understand your situation, reassure you about your erectile dysfunction and find the right treatment for your situation.

Once the prescription is established, you can order prescription drugs online and receive them at your home in less than 48 hours. This approach is discreet, fast and very effective to resolve your troubles.

Price of Cenforce (50mg, 100mg, 150mg and 200mg)

The price of Cenforce 50 mg or Cenforce 100 mg is freely fixed. Its price varies greatly from one pharmacy to another. There is a lower price in online pharmacies than in some pharmacies in physics.

Price of the generic (Sildenafil)

The box of 12 tablets is sold around 40 euros and the box of 24 around 72 euros (price found in pharmacies partners MyFildena.com). By way of comparison, the average observed price in conventional pharmacies for a box of 24 tablets of Fildena 100 mg is 110 euros.

Price in pharmacy

Before going to the pharmacy, you must keep in mind that a prescription from a doctor is necessary to buy Cenforce. There are different dosages ranging from 25 mg, 50 mg to 100 mg. The packs also vary from 4 to 32 tablets.

Here is an estimate of the prices of 4 pharmacy Cenforce pills according to the dosages:

  • A box containing 4 Cenforce 25mg tablets costs about 20 €
  • A box containing 4 tablets of Cenforce 50 mg costs about 30 €
  • A box containing 4 tablets of Cenforce 100 mg costs about 40 €

Is Cenforce reimbursed?

Cenforce is not reimbursed by social security. It is the same for other erection treatments such as Cialis, Levitra or Spedra and all of their generics. Some mutuals may take care of part of the treatment. You must consult your contract or call them to obtain the information.

Consult a sexologist and order your treatments safely on MyFildena.com
MyFildena.com is a health platform dedicated to men. It brings together specialists, sexologists, and US pharmacists to build a quality solution, safe and accessible to all.

MyFildena is a registered company 844 332 130 in USA at the RCS of Paris. Its data are collected and processed by an accredited host and certified for health data within the meaning of the provisions of Article L. 1111-8 of the Public Health Code.

The platform allows you to consult online among 15 doctors holding an IUD in sexology (see our medical team). The online consultation can take place by written messages, telephone or videoconference. It brings together all the following advantages:

  • Consult a medical specialist in sexology (who deals with this type of disorders daily)
  • Paying for consultation 35 € instead of 90 € (price for consultations in physics with a sexologist)
  • Obtain an appointment in 24h (the average wait observed to obtain an appointment with a sexologist in USA is 6 months)
  • Order your treatment online and be discreetly delivered at home by a US pharmacy
  • Avoid embarrassment in the waiting room or in the pharmacy